Unsung Heroine

Sometimes in our lives , if we are lucky, we meet extraordinary people…people who inspire us and make us want to be better than we are, to reach for the stars. The Edmonton Local has had such an extraordinary person in our midst for many years now…Carol Read.

Carol has touched many with her charm, wit and grace. She has the patience, kindness and gentleness that few would be able to maintain working full time as the local grievance officer over these 14 years. Carol decided not to run again and is returning to the workfloor at the end of April, after training her replacement, Jerry Woods, letter carrier from Depot 4 and Chief Shop Steward letter carriers, who was acclaimed to her position.

Jerry certainly has big shoes to fill. The grievance work done in the Edmonton Local has stood out across the country for many years. Carol started working in the grievance office position helping the grievance officer at that time, Colin MacKenzie. Colin went on to do amazing and invaluable work at the National Union office and Carol continued Colin’s fine work at the Local.

One of the fondest memories I will always cherish is Carol’s love of music and song, her humming, whistling or singing as she walked about the union office. Carol always put in long hours and worried about doing everything well…on more than one occasion returning to the office late at night to make sure she had filed something correctly.

I know there are many of you who received her help in difficult times. So this month of April is your chance to speak to Carol and let her know how much you have appreciated her contributions on your behalf.

It’s time for a big thank you to Carol…THANK YOU!!!

– Karen Kennedy