Increased member contribution rates to pension plan

Many members have seen increased pension premiums on their pay period 25 cheques.
The Canada Post Pension Centre has informed CUPW that for the year 2013, the pension premiums payable are 7.5% on the first $51,100.00 of pensionable earnings.  After our pensionable earnings exceed $51,100.00 in a year the premium is increased to 11%.
Some of you will have exceeded the $51,100.00 in this pay period and that is why the premium increased. Pensionable earnings include Basic Wages, Corporate Team Incentive, Rest Period Allowance, Bilingual Bonus and Lead Hand Differential.
The Pension Centre also advised us that effective January 1, 2014, our premiums will be payable at 8.1% for the first $52,500.00 and then at 11.6% on pensionable earnings over $52,500.00.