Message From Bev Ray

The Edmonton Local has been extremely busy, as a result of CPC`s announcements last week to eliminate Door to Door Delivery. We currently have an organized local campaign underway involving both you the members, and the public. Attached is the very first edition of `Postal Worker News`.
Local Coordinators will be working in the union office on this campaign. These coordinators will be working on multiple aspects of the campaign. Certainly one of the most important is engaging and mobilizing the membership. This is the Fight that we will need to take to the STREETS!. It involves not just postal workers but the public. Make no assumptions, that because you many not be a letter carrier that this announcement will not impact you. Our Local Website is also up and running with information being posted on there as quickly as our Brother can get it up there. So check out the CUPW Edmonton website. More to come soon!!!

In solidarity,
Bev Ray
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