Between General Meetings your local is run by a 17-member Executive Committee. All positions are two year terms (April 2014-2016). In order to be eligible to run for a term on the Executive Committee, you must be a Member in Good Standing of the union, have attended at least 50% of the General Membership Meetings in the last year, and be nominated by a Member in Good Standing. Nominations are now being accepted for:
Secretary-Treasurer ( Full Time)
Grievance Officer ( Full Time)
Vice President
Organizing Officer
Chief Shop-Steward-Letters
Chief Shop Steward-Affiliate Offices
Chief Shop Steward-Transportation
Chief Shop Steward- Stations and Depots
Chief Steward-Wickets and Affiliates (2014-2015 – 1 year term)
Recording Secretary (2014-2015 – 1 year term)

Nominations close February 28, 2014 at 4:30 pm.

Submit nominations to the Local Union Office (11001-107 Street, Edmonton, Ab. T5H 2Z6) or to a member of the Election Committee. Election Committee Nancy Dodsworth (EMPP Dock), Parminder Pannu (EMPP), Harry Clark (RSMC-Delton), Ange Freer (WMS), Christine Vincent, Amir Sheikh (EMPP), Gohar Zaidi (EMPP)

Nomination Form