Depot 2 Restructure Bid Problems

Depot 2 Restructure Bid

The regular city-wide monthly bids posted for February closed February 6th, and several Letter Carriers obtained assignments in Depot 2 at that time.
The asterisk on the bid sheets is a warning with respect to holding a route at the start of the Volume Count; however this does not apply in case of a reduction of assignments. In this case Article 47.19 provides for all assignments to be opened for bidding by seniority “among all the employees in this classification in the unit”.
Information posted with the monthly bid incorrectly did not mention this provision, although the provision regarding holding a route at the start of the Volume was already known not to apply since there is a reduction.
Those who obtained routes in the Depot, February 6, before the restructure bid began on February 11, are entitled to be included in the bid, and were missed, for whatever reason. As well, those in Acting Supervisor positions are NOT entitled to exercise any rights in the bid.
The Union’s position remains that employees who obtain assignments in the regular city-wide monthly bid are entitled to participate in the restructure bid, regardless of the changeover date.
It is not the fault of the Union that management Route Measurement Officers took 9-1/2 routes out of Depot 2. With the reality that the bid was done incorrectly – also not the fault of the Union – management could soften the impact by adding Relief assignments, even temporarily, to avoid displacing anyone until the temporary assignments can be reduced through attrition, as people bid out in future.
Greg McMaster February 26 2014
Route Verification Officer