Sunday APRIL 6, 2014
6pm – 8pm (AMENDED)

Green and Gold Room Commonwealth Stadium (use team store entrance, parking at the LRT lot across the street)

Notices of Motion:
Executive Notice of Motion:
That the local office be immediately temporarily re- located to another space while we make decisions regarding repairs, Reno, rebuild or permanent move of the office. Monies to come from reserve for building repairs ($4504.82 and that this is brought to the membership as an executive recommendation).
Executive Notice of Motion:
That the Edmonton Local brings the Local bylaws in line with Article 5 of the National Constitution, and change “Area Council Delegates to Regional Conference Delegates”.
That the Edmonton Local add the following new duty to the education officer: That the Local Education Officer shall be responsible for the recruitment and co-ordination of Appendix HH and DD facillators.
Executive Notice of Motion:
that the Edmonton Local sends an individual to the CALM Media Conference 2014, monies to come from inside out supplies. (Approximate cost $2,300).

Moved that the local dues assessment as provided for in Article 7.12 of the local by-laws, be fixed at $10.00 per member, per month effective July 1, 2014, the new budget year.
The local dues assessment is increasing each time our wages increase. Because both the base dues rate used nationally and the local dues assessment are using a formula which is a percentage of the hourly rate, the impact on members of the local is a double increase.
Moved by Karen Kennedy
Moved that the full time secretary treasurer position of the Edmonton local be changed to a part time position effective July 1, 2014, the new budget year.
We need to do this now as we are electing 2 full time officers for 2 year terms. The changes to door to door delivery are going to impact the local in a major way within these 2 years and we need to prepare financially by reducing costs for the local. The work of the secretary treasurer is also assisted by the executive assistant and the bookkeeper. We will need to review the duties of the other fulltime officer’s as well.
Moved by Karen Kennedy
Executive Election
Chief Steward Stations and Depots
Education Committee 1 Members (to November 2014)
Environment Committee 1 Member (to May 2015)
Women’s Committee 3 Members (to September 2015)
Election Committee 1 Alternates (to December 2014)
Organizing Committee 2 Member (to September 2014)
Social Committee 1 Member (to November 2014)
Inside Out Committee 1 Member (November 2014)
Bylaws Committee 1 Alternate (to February 2016)
EDLC Delegates 2 Members (To February 2015)
Prairie School for Women 2 Women (June 8-12/14 Waskesiu Lake, SK)
Prairie School for Women 2 Women pending 7.58 funding
PIA Annual Conference 2 Members April 11-13, 2014
4 Members Friday night plenary (only)
AFL Mid Term conference 15 Members May 23-24, 2014
Calm Conference 1 Member May 1-3/14(pending approval)