International Womens Day

All Out for March 8, International Women’s Day!
Women’s Dignity Lies in the Fight for the Rights of All!

Rally at 2 pm Corbett Hall (82 Ave & 112 St, Edmonton), March down Whyte Avenue
Speakers and discussion to follow at Trinity Lutheran Centre (11014 81 Ave)
Light refreshments will be provided.
Women stand in the forefront of all the struggles for rights, in Canada and the world over. For more than 100 years, on March 8 women have taken political action on an organized basis to affirm their rights and for empowerment. On March 8, International Women’s Day, we will join millions of women around the world who mobilize on IWD. Join in!

We are marching to oppose the austerity agenda of Harper, Redford and other governments, and their assault on public services and the people who provide them, a majority of whom are women. We demand that governments defend the public good and provide the funding required for the social programs and services which people need. This includes the right to health care, care and security for seniors, childcare, education and recreation for children and youth, and all the things human beings require to flourish. No more privatization and wrecking of social programs to pay the rich! Hands off public sector pensions Yes to pensions for all! Save our public post!

We are marching to demand justice for murdered and missing women! We condemn the racist and sexist government policies which help perpetuate this violence, police negligence, and the indifference of the Harper government. We demand funding as a right for the programs women need including sexual assault centres, shelters and affordable housing.

We are marching to affirm new nation-to-nation relations between First Nations and Métis and Canadians. We say no! to Canada’s ongoing colonial relationship with First Nations and Métis peoples which has denied women their traditional place of honour and leadership, a place which women have reclaimed as they stand in the forefront of the struggles to defend the rights of all.

We are marching to express our unity with women the world over, especially those in the war-torn countries of the world and all who face and resist imperialist aggression, occupation, intrigue and threats. We stand with the women of Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean who are fighting for their rights and from whose sweat and blood the global monopolies and big powers and countries such as Canada steal immense wealth. We oppose the Harper government’s worker-trafficking and demand that the temporary foreign workers and live-in caregivers’ programs be ended and replaced with permanent residency for temporary and undocumented workers on the basis of Status for All!

We are marching as one with women in Canada and throughout the world who are fighting to achieve their rights, and establish a humane and modern world based on the affirmation of the rights of all! Bring your banners and signs which highlight your work and demands! Bring your co-workers and families – all are welcome!

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