Sunday July 6, 2014
Noon – 2 pm
Green and Gold Room Commonwealth Stadium

(Use team store entrance, parking at the LRT lot across the street)
Draft Copies Available in office from May 23, 2014
Proposed Budget 2014-2015
Executive Notice of Motion: That Article 8.6 of the local bylaws is amended to read: “any member –in-good-standing, who is out of town on union business during a GMM, shall be excused from the meeting. Any member-in-good-standing that is scheduled to work his/her regular shift during a GMM shall be excused when a written request and copy of the work schedule is provided”.
Rational: To encourage greater attendance at the general membership meeting.
Executive Notice of Motion: Whereas the Edmonton Local executive committee as per 6.1 of our Local By-laws shall be responsible for the direction and administration of the Local in line with the orientation decided by the members according to the Constitution;
Whereas the National Constitution Article 8.01 states that
Where two or more members wish to resolve conflict between them, they will have access to alternative conflict resolution processes;
Training in alternative conflict resolution processes is mandatory for the leadership at the Local, Regional and National levels;
Conflict Committees established at the three levels are mandated to assist members involved in conflict situations, at the appropriate level, prior to charges being pursued in the disciplinary process
Be it resolved that the Edmonton CUPW Local 730 “Conflict Committee” be established to ensure that the Edmonton Local is in line with the National Constitution and that the CUPW Conflict Committees Guide shall be followed in determining the eligibility of committee members and outline the role and responsibility of the conflict committee. (See attached Conflict Committee Guide) and that the Conflict Committee consist of 5 Members and 2 Alternates

Notice of Motion: That the Edmonton CUPW Local elect 2 delegates to the International Pride Human Rights Conference (June 25-27, 2014), to come from representatives attending the CUPW National Human Rights Conference.
Moved by Greg McMaster
Education Committee 2 Members (to November 2014)
Environment Committee 1 Member (to May 2015)
Women’s Committee 3 Members (to September 2015)
Election Committee 1 Alternate (to December 2014)
Organizing Committee 2 Member (to September 2014)
Social Committee 1 Member (to November 2014)
Inside Out Committee 1 Member (November 2014)
EDLC Delegates 2 Members (To February 2015)
Bylaws Committee 1 Alternate
Trustee Committee 1 Member (to September 2015)
World Pride Conference 2 members (June 25-27/14 Toronto) Pending Approval of Funding
ALHI Conference 2 Members (June 18-20, 2014) Pending Approval of Funding

Meeting of the CUPW Society at Conclusion of the GMM