Lump Sum Payments – Group 2 Employees

August 11, 2014 – 00:00

Grievance and Arbitration / Bulletin


Many Group 2 members received extra payments under codes 1814 and 1825 on their July 31st pay cheque. In letters to the members, Canada Post stated that these payments were ‟… a one-time lump sum retroactive payment …”to employees affected by delays in updating the loading and unloading times on various delivery routes. The amount of the payment varied considerably from member to member.

Your Union agrees that members should be compensated when Canada Post does not properly structure routes. However, in this case, the Union was not consulted on Canada Post’s decision to make this payment, on the means of calculation, or on the determination of who should be paid.

In a letter on July 24, 2014, CUPW protested the total lack of consultation and demanded that Canada Post explain how it calculated the amounts to be paid, how it determine who should be paid and why the payment is a ‟lump-sum” payment. This item will be on the agenda for our next Group 2 consultation.

CUPW has also reserved the right to file a grievance should we disagree with the calculations made by Canada Post.

Further information will be communicated as it becomes available.

In solidarity,

Philippe Arbour
National Grievance Officer