On July 25th the local union office was temporarily closed. The temporary closure was the result of the ceiling being compromised and water flooding into the back work area of the building.
A full time officer invoked their Right of Refusal. The local executive supports the full time officers or any member having rights to health and safety while working in the union office.
Communications were immediately sent out via mass email bulletin to members; Regional and National office, Executive Officers and Canada Post, with contact information.
Measures were taken to post information on the union office doors of how to contact the Full time officers during the temporary shutdown. The full time officers continued working from remote locations to ensure that the work of representing members continued and they remained fully accessible to the membership.
The necessary inspections were carried out, and the full time Health & Safety officer is completing the investigation. There will be a review of the Policy covering the Local union office (by the CUPW Local Health & Committee) and reports/recommendations to be provided in the near future.
The local Executive recognizes the inconvenience to the membership, but the operations of the business of the local office were not neglected or compromised during this period.
In solidarity,
An Injury to one is an Injury to ALL…….
On behalf of the
Edmonton CUPW Local (730) Executive Officers

Aug. 25/14