Mid Term Election Recording – Secretary

Edmonton Local Executive
Mid Term Election
Recording – Secretary

(To April 2015)

5.14 In the event of a vacancy on the Executive Committee, a replacement will be elected at a General Membership Meeting no later than eight (8) weeks following the date the resignation is received.
In order to be eligible to run for a term on the Executive Committee, you must be a Member in Good Standing of the union, have attended at least 50% of the General Membership Meetings in the last year, and be nominated by a Member in Good Standing.

Election to be held at the
November 2nd, 2014
General Membership Meeting

Green and Gold Room Commonwealth Stadium
(use team store entrance, parking at the LRT lot across the street)

6 PM

Election Committee Edmonton Local

6.10.1 The recording Secretary will keep a complete, correct and impartial record of the minutes, or proceeding of all meeting of the Local and Executive Committee.
6.10.2 The recording-Secretary will ensue that the minutes are up-to-date and ready to present at the next General Membership Meeting (GMM).

6.10.3 The Recording-Secretary shall make available to the Secretary-Treasurer, or his/her designate. A typed copy of the minutes of the General Membership Meeting (GMM) so that a copy may be attached to the agenda of the current General Membership Meeting (GMM).
6.10.4 The Recording-Secretary will keep a separate and complete file of proposed By-laws changes at the Secretary’s-Treasures disposal.

6.1 The executive Committee shall be responsible for the direction and administration of the Local in line with the orientation decided by the members according to the Constitution, the resolutions adopted at regular meeting or the mandate via referendum. The Executive Committee, subject to their duties and responsibilities provided hereinafter shall:

6.1.1 Have the obligation to enforce the National constitution;
6.1.2 be responsible for all representations before the employer;
6.1.3 Be responsible for all public statements of the Union at the Local level;
6.1.4 Receive and study all reports and other matter concerning the welfare of the Union duly referred to it;
6.1.5 Be the only one responsible to make recommendations to the members or take decisions in line with the Constitution and policies of the Union unless otherwise stated in the Constitution;
6.1.6 Have the obligation to meet at least once each month, or as called by the President, or at the request of 1/3 of the Executive the President shall call a meeting
6.1.7 Work to spread the most complete understanding possible of the Union’s policies, the nature of the Union’s struggle and all other matters concerning the Union and the trade union movement in general;
6.1.8 Shall be responsible for the implementation of the Union’s policies in matters of organization, preparation of strike structures, recruiting or any other organizational campaign launched by the N.E.B.:
6.1.9 Establish and maintain communication between the members and the main organisms of the Union;
6.1.10 Be responsible for the Local education program;
6.1.11 Inform the members and promote Union education through bulletins, communiques and other adequate means;
6.1.12 Be responsible for the orientation, preparation and distribution of all publications intended for the members;
6.1.13 Be a member of the Strike Committee;
6.1.14 Be responsible for preparing and posting of meeting notices for committees under their respective jurisdiction.