Dock safety at E.M.P.P.

The issue of the shunt driver engaging the tractor with the trailer, while
Workers are still unloading or loading, has surfaced again. A policy was put into place years ago that the shunt driver cannot back the tractor underneath the trailer while there is a worker inside the trailer. The shunt driver can park the tractor across the front of the trailer until he sees a green light on the outside, indicating that the trailer is ready for pick up. This should be a staff talk to all those, who work in the truck or drive LRs or hysters in and out of the truck.
Every employee, before entering a trailer to work, should visually check for themselves that the tractor is not sitting under the trailer. Do not leave your safety in the hands of a supervisor, check for yourself. If the tractor is sitting under the trailer, report it, and refuse to enter until the shunt driver has either driven away or has parked the tractor perpendicular to the trailer.
There is a reason this safety practice is in place. It is because of too many near misses.

Work Safe,

Lorraine MacKenzie-Lawson
CUPW Health and Safety Officer