Edmonton Democracy Fair 2015

“Promoting Democracy:  Challenges and Opportunities”  

Friday, June 5, 7pm-9 p.m., Panel Presentation with 3 Special Guests:
                          “Law Making and Democracy”
                     Followed by Audience Participation in Q and A

Saturday, June 6, 9am – 4:30pm  “Citizens Engaged to Promote Democracy”
Morning and Afternoon Sessions each with 3 concurrent sessions
                      Six Community-Based Citizen Groups
                   Education Building, University of Alberta, 11210-87 Ave
                                       Rooms 129, 128, and 113

           Sponsored by the Edmonton Chapter of the Council of Canadians

1.  Friday, June 5, 7pm- 9 p.m.  ”Law-Making and Democracy” 
                                Panel Presentation followed by Q and A

Brent Rathgeber:  “Irresponsible Government:  The Decline of Parliamentary Democracy in Canada”

Janet Keeping:    “Democracy, Law and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms: How do current federal government practices measure up?”

Steve Patten:  “Participatory Policymaking: New Opportunities to Democratize Parliamentary Democracy” 

2.  Saturday, June 6, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  “Citizens Engaged to Promote Democracy”
Morning Sessions: 9 a.m. to 12:30 (Short presentations, breakout sessions, plenary)
         Pesticide Free Edmonton, CUPW, Leadnow.ca 
Lunch 12:30-1:30 (light lunch/refreshments provided) 

Afternoon Session:  1:30-4:30  (Short presentations, breakout sessions, plenary)
 Keepers of the Athabasca, Friends of Canadian Broadcasting, Fair Vote Alberta

Each session is to address the following 3 questions: 
    – How does current federal legislation/practices affect a group’s mandate? 
    – How can we maintain and defend democracy?
            – How can we prepare for the upcoming election?
     Refreshments/lunch provided – Donations accepted to defray expenses