General Membership Meeting

Edmonton Local
Sunday June 7th, 2015
6:00 – 8:00pm
St John’s Cultural Centre
10611 – 110 Ave
*parking on East side of building, or on 110 Ave.

Notice of motion: Whereas the structure of the Union needs to be addressed at the National, Regional and Local level
Whereas the Edmonton Local has approximately 2200 members and 18 executive officers
Whereas the introduction of CMB’s for Letter Carriers will result in a significant loss of letter carrier positions and a significant drop in revenue to the local
Whereas the Edmonton Local is geographical very large
Whereas other locals with approximately the same number of members have executives much smaller and a local with approximately 10,000 members has 20 executive officers
Whereas we must be accountable to the membership for the budgeting and spending of the members’ dues
Therefore be it resolved that the Edmonton Local change the bylaws to reduce the size of the executive and to ensure a more equal representation of the membership.
Therefore be it further resolved that article 4.1 of the bylaws be changed as follows:
The Local Executive Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Executive Committee) shall consist of fifteen (15) officers. These officers shall be: President; Secretary-Treasurer; Grievance Officer; Health & Safety Officer; Vice-President/Sergeant-at-Arms; Education Officer; Organizing Officer; Recording Secretary/Editor; Route Verification Officer; and six (6) Chief Shop Stewards, two (2) for each of the following components of the membership: EMPP; Transportation/Stations and Depots; Wickets & Affiliate Offices/ Rural Suburban Mail Carriers
Currently there is an imbalance in representation of the members in that
There are 4 chief stewards in the EMPP (approx. 400 members) in one location.
There is 1 chief steward RSMC (approx. 400 members) that has a huge geographical area to cover in several work locations.
There is 1 chief steward for stations and depots (approx. 800 members) working in eight different locations in Edmonton and area.
Lowering the number of chief stewards in the EMPP would enable us to add an additional chief steward to both the RSCM/Affiliate office and station and depots/transportation.
Most of the RSMC’s currently work out of affiliate offices and travel is required to provide service to the membership this makes it extremely difficult for one chief steward to adequately service the membership.

With having two waves of letter carriers, in eight different locations and odd shifts for MSC’s it is difficult for one chief steward to adequately serve the membership.
Executive Motion: to alleviate the budget shortfall of the Executive Committee, $10,000 from the Inside Out Committee budget is to be moved into Executive Committee.
Executive Motion: to alleviate the budget short fall of the Election Committee, $2000 from Health and Safety Committee budget & $2000 from Inside Out Committee budget is to be moved into Election Committee.

Committee & Delegate Elections

As Per Article 13.5 and 13.51 of our local by-laws we will be electing alternates for delegates to Regional Conferences and Convention.

13.5 Alternates will first be selected from a slate if unsuccessful candidates for the delegates and their order will be determined by the number of votes that each candidate received during the election.
13.5.1 The number one alternate will fill the first vacancy occurring in the slate of delegates, subsequent vacancies shall be filled in accordance with the order in which they were declared elected.

As per Article 13.1(b) we will be electing one member to fill this criteria.

13.1(b) As part of the Regional Conferences delegation one delegate shall be elected from the Edmonton local affiliates. For that Delegate the General meeting requirement shall be waived.

Trustee Committee 1 member 1 Alternate (to Sept. 2015)
Election Committee 3 Alternates (to Dec. 2016)
Environment Committee 8 Members (to May 2017)
First Nation Subcommittee 4 Members (to May 2015)
Inside/Out Committee 1 Member (to Nov. 2015) Temp. Workers Rights Committee 1 Member (to March. 2017)
Conflict Resolution Committee 5 Members 2 Alternates (until Convention 2019)
*As per Article 8.01 of our National Constitution.

*Conflict Resolution and Discipline
*8.01 Where two or more members wish to resolve conflict between them, they will have access to alternative conflict resolution processes.
* Training in alternative conflict resolution processes is mandatory for the leadership at the Local, Regional and National levels.
* Conflict Committees established at the three levels are mandated to assist members involved in conflict situations, at the appropriate level, prior to charges being pursued in the disciplinary process.

*In the event that a member nominated is not present at the time of election, he/she must have indicated, in writing in advance, their willingness to stand for election.

Meeting of the CUPW Association conclusion of the GMM