Christmas Overtime (depots)

Edmonton Collections and Delivery Christmas

Consultation 2016

Urgent Communication to Members

Process for RDO selection has changed starting Novembers 26 2016

Offering weekend duties in depots:

When weekend work is required a list is used, referred to as the RDO list, to equalize opportunities for all

employees to receive the chance to work. Article 15 explains this process in detail. Briefly, all employees

are offered work by equal opportunity and this offer is tallied or “charged” to that employee. Opportunity to

work are offered to the employees that have had the least number of charges tallied to them. Once the

number of employees needed are chosen, then work duties are offered by seniority. If a staffing officer is

following the provisions in the collective agreement, the list should be fairly simple and the process is fair.

At this time of year, depot stewards (any member has the right to review the list) should review the lists

and create copies, and ensure management is following the collective agreement.


When Canada Post implemented modern post (PT 1.0) they began to blur the lines between the positions

and duties inside the depots. The depot assistant (DA) positions are group 2 which is the letter carrier (LC)

group. DA’s distribute parcels and householders, assist with low dock organization, clear carrier cases of

turnaround and write offs. These are examples of group 2 duties.

Registration clerks (PO4, group 1) belong to a separate group and some of their duties include cash

transactions and packet sort and packet (and technically PDT) distribution to end of isle carts, lookups, PCI

returns are example of group 1 work.

The only reason for a letter carrier to be assisting with packet sort is in the event of injury and duty to

accommodate that injured worker. At no other time should a carrier be assigned to assist packet sort and at

no time should registration clerks be asked to distribute parcels and/or neighborhood mail. If management

does request this merging of duties, members should exercise their right to complain and subsequently file

a grievance.

Management has the right to manage, we have the right to grieve contract violations. (see Appendix A for

groups and functions under each group)

Error with the selection of weekend work corrected:

In 2015 Canada Post created a sublist within group 2, contrary to the collective agreement, where DAs

have been running on a separate RDO list. This smaller list, like a small cog runs fast, offering a small

group of people many more opportunities to work than the other workers in the same group. Often carriers

trained to do DA duties are overlooked for these weekend opportunities. Many complaints have mounted

and we have brought our concerns forward year after year at the christmas consultations. Until this year,

management has held to their view of the separate sublist maintaining training supersedes seniority rights.

However we are talking about PDT operation, something all group 2 members are familiar with and have

been trained to use as well as the products, ie registers, priorities, box mail, c.o.d.s etc.

Effective immediately, management will abandon this practice of running two lists and will adhere

to the provisions of the collective agreement. Once the number of people have been selected by

lowest opportunity, work duties will be chosen by seniority for all Group 2, be it inside duties or out,

with the exception of packet sort and financials. Packet sort work and financials belong to

registration clerks and will be offered using a separate list.

This decision will not come without some growing pains as the list auto corrects. For those DAs that have

had years of numerous opportunities, they will now have higher charges then their contemporaries and will

therefore not be offered until the depot list equalizes. Also, when a letter carrier bids into a depot they are

automatically assigned the highest number on the list. This will create a period were these employees will

not be offered weekend work. We recognize this is an unfortunate result of CPC’s original decision to

create a sublist but this correction and alignment with the CA was necessary for fairness to all.

Steven Cowtan

Chief Steward, Depots/Stations

In Solidarity

Larry Dionne


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