Attention RSMCs – Christmas isn’t just coming, it’s here.

The annual Christmas consultation between the Canadian Union of Postal Workers Local 730 and Canada Post has taken place for both the urban and rural RSMCs, with the Employer issuing the following guidelines:
1. Sunday delivery starts Nov. 19/17
2. Permanent Relief Employees (PREs) and On Call Relief Employees (OCREs) will get
assigned to handle excess parcel volume as needed
3. Sunday parcel delivery will get paid $1 per personal contact item (PCI), plus mileage (as per Canada Revenue Agency guidelines), and drive time as laid out in Appendix A of the RSMC Collective Agreement.
Once again Canada Post is expecting record parcel delivery volumes and record seasonal profits with the expectation RSMCs shoulder the burden for minimal compensation.
A calculator to figure out weekend compensation has become available online through the Employee Self Serve system, however there are ongoing issues with access. Currently, it appears only Supervisors can access this calculator. CUPW is encouraging all RSMC employees, route owners, PREs, and OCREs to manually track the number of parcels they deliver on weekends and track this data against their pay statements.
It is the position of CUPW the Employer must pay RSMCs overtime for Sunday parcel delivery as per Articles 13.01 (Normal Workday and Workweek), 13.04 (overtime), and 31.05 (Designation of “Working Day”).
The compensation model the Employer is using comes directly from the RSMC Collective Agreement, Appendix “A” Actual Wage Calculations. As such, it only follows the Employer must also abide by Article 13.04, which allows overtime if authorized or required.
Working on Sunday is presented as optional but is de facto mandatory in order to prevent overburdening the following Monday. Yet the Employer continues to refuse overtime. By doing so, RSMCs are left facing the threat of discipline if they refuse to do more than one trip on Monday.
If the Employer isn’t going to offer more than what’s stipulated in the Collective Agreement, then CUPW’s position is the entire contract must be followed. The Employer cannot be permitted to cherry pick one Article that suits its purposes and ignore the rest.
Here’s what you can do to make certain the RSMCs can get their fair share:
1. Track everything – mileage, start times, parcel counts, and all hours worked on Sunday. Match this against your pay statement.
2. Document, document, document – there is the potential for a large-scale grievance based on disallowing PCIs delivered by non-route holders to go on log sheets, and on the denial of overtime for working on Sunday. In order for this to proceed, keep copies of your current Schedule A and all signed log sheets.
3. Leverage your log sheets – If you are delivering another route other than your own, track those parcels on the route’s log sheet.
4. Remember your right to refuse – RSMCs have the right to refuse unsafe work under the Canada Labour Code.
5. Know your contract – It is up to you to read and understand your Collective Agreement! Only you can prevent the Employer from taking advantage of your lack of knowledge.
Aaron Taylor
Chief Steward of RSMCs
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