Transition Payment

Dear Edmonton Local Members:

Shared from CUPW Atlantic Region:


Sisters and Brothers,

We hope to clarify how the Transition Payment has been calculated for those Members who are not off on any type of leave at this given time. (Information on those situations should be clarified in the near future).

What is the transition payment?

It is a one-time payment that reflects a similar amount the employee would have received on Jan 11 2018.

To calculate the Transition Payment:

Take your bi-weekly gross Basic Pay (Dec 28th pay) subtract the Total calculation of the following deductions: Extended Health Care, Dental, Basic Life, Disability Insurance and Canada Post Pension. This will give you your Transition Payment.

As an example:

Let’s say your basic gross pay on pay period 26 was 2128.00.
And these were the deductions for that pay:
Pension $191.52
Extended Health. $ 4.49
Dental $1.51
Basic Life $8.27
Disability Ins $41.60
Total of the above is $247.39
You then subtract the total from the benefits ($247.39) from your gross pay ($2128.00) and that will give you your Transition Payment ($1880.61).

Hopefully this clarifies some of the issues regarding the transition payment. We will provide information regarding transition payments for members that were on leave as soon as we receive it. Please note that this transition payment does not include the Bilingual bonus, Lead Hand Allowance or the Isolated Post allowance.

Anita Bock & Mike McDonald
Atlantic Regional Union Representatives

Solidarity, Nancy

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