Bully Bosses

FEBRUARY 02, 2018


When dealing with issues of workplace violence/harassment there are a few articles in our collective agreement which we must pay attention to. Articles: 5, 9, 10, 33, 54, 56.
As the old saying goes the straw that broke the camel’s back. The world has heard of women coming forward on issues of workplace harassment, violence and bullying. There is never an excuse for such behaviours which any employee in any workplace should ever have to endure. Victims are coming forward with their stories. As we move into the year 2018 who knows what story or stories may come forward in regards to issues of workplace violence.
With close to 2 dozen reported issues arising within our workplaces, these are disturbing numbers within any workplace.
Some of these issues have caused individuals to be off work. The suffering doesn’t end there. Through the actions of others people some members have been forced to go off on Short term disability or workers compensation. This would mean financial hardship as they do not receive their full pay while on this forced leave. Clearly this part of the process needs to be fixed.

Hopefully our employer will take these types of complaints more seriously. Moving forward we can hopefully be part of the solution to create a better working environment for everyone.

To help our sisters and brothers move forward with healing, if you feel you have experienced any type of harassment, bullying or any act of violence.

Please forward your stories to the Edmonton Local at: union@cupwedm.net or health.safety@cupwedm.net .

The national c.u.p.w. office is also gathering stories. Which can also be forwarded to jlouisseize@cupw-sttp.org

BY Mail to:
Bully bosses
377 bank street, Ottawa, Ont. K2P 1y3

In solidarity,
Rashpal Sehmby
Health & Safety Officer
Edmonton local.