Carl Hentzelt

for Grievance Officer

Change We Need

Change We Can Believe In

Meet the Candidate:

  • With Canada Post 4½ years
  • Though new, active in the union for the last 2 years
  • Demonstrated ability to learn quickly and retain information in multiple different work areas
  • Shop Steward – have represented both Letter Carriers and RSMCs
  • Barchart Volunteer
  • Active on 4 CUPW committees

    Why I am running:

    I have been pushed around and seen others bullied too… it bothers me. I want to help my sisters and brothers; I want to make a difference. I have the skills, focus, and dedication to do the job, so I think this is a great way to serve. I am motivated and have a strong desire to make change. Given a chance, I will be a great advocate for the membership.

  • What I will bring to the office:

    This office needs to have accountability. Once elected, I will bring dedication and follow-through to the office. I will contact members promptly with any questions about their grievance, follow up with management until there is a resolution, and update the member. It is important for members to know the results of their grievances, and that is how I would show my accountability to the membership.

  • Relevant Experiences:

    • Personal Experience dealing with Bully Bosses
    • Participated in multiple union/ management meetings (barchart consultation, on-boarding discussion, route measurement meetings, etc)
      • Have excercised my right to refuse unsafe work (Art. 33.13) and been disciplined for it
      • Related Work Skills:

        • Organization/Time Management – I’m experienced at having many tasks to do, meeting deadlines, scheduling and running meetings, and keeping my work organized and prioritized
        • Computer Skills – I am very skilled in Microsoft Office and other programs, allowing me to solve problems and be efficient
        • Detail Oriented – I pay attention to detail, I will research where needed and like to be thoroughly prepared and know the rules
        • Ability To Learn – I will take time to learn the RSMC contract and about inside workers rights, I am adaptable and will give full attention to learning everything I need to represent the membership thoroughly
        • Endorsements:

          Warren Melnyk, Shop Steward, Regional Route Verification rep:

          I believe Carl makes a good nominee, with his experience in Shop Steward duties, Health & Safety and Route Measurement, he would be an asset as a full time Grievance Officer.”

        • Chriss Berger, Chief Steward, Wickets and Affiliates:

          He has my vote for sure, he is dedicated and focused.”


Wednesday April 11, 2018 7:00 pm -9:00 pm
Meeting to be held at our local office 18121-107 Avenue
I stand with Jessica and Hanna campaign Update in Pride, ribbons and parade Asian Heritage Month
National Aboriginal Day
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Any other Human Rights issues
The HUMAN RIGHTS COMMITTEE is an open committee, everyone is welcome