CUPW Edmonton Local


NOON – 2:00 PM

*Please note special time*Union Office

18121 – 107Ave. Edmonton


*Due to our Resolutions Workshop being held before the GMM our GMM start time will be Noon *

Vote on Notices of Motions served during the May 6th, 2018 GMM:

Notice of motion:

To change our Local Bylaws so that whenever practical the moving of any motion that
changes any part of our Local Bylaws be scheduled (and delayed if necessary) to a date and time that allows a maximum number of members to attend and participate.

Served: Norm Burns

Notice of motion:

I, Kathleen Mpulubusi, move the following from each of the following committees to the Route Measurement Committee. Health and Safety Committee $ 3000.00, Organizing Committee $ 4000.00, Education Committee $ 4000.00, Strike Committee $ 2,000.00. To cover shortfall for the current budget year (2017/2018)

Served: Kathleen Mpulubusi

Committee & Delegate Elections

By-Laws Committee 2 alternates (to Feb 2020)

Environment Committee 6 members (to May 2019)

Human Rights Committee 2 members (to May 2019)

First Nation Sub-Committee 1 members (to May 2019)

Organizing Committee 1 members (to Sept 2018)

Social Committee 4 members (to Nov 2018)

Temp Rights Committee 3 members (to March 2019)

Trustee Committee 2 members (to Sept 2019)

By-Laws Committee Environment Committee Human Rights Committee First Nation Sub-Committee Organizing Committee Social Committee

Temp Rights Committee Trustee Committee

2 alternates (to Feb 2020)
6 members (to May 2019)
2 members (to May 2019)
1 members (to May 2019)
1 members (to Sept 2018) 4 members (to Nov 2018)
3 members (to March 2019) 2 members (to Sept 2019)

In the event that a member nominated is not present at the time of election, he/she must have indicated, in writing in advance, their willingness to stand for election.