Women’s Committee


The Edmonton Women’s Committee has been operating since 1999. We are one of the oldest active committees across Canada. We are highly regarded for our ground breaking Equinoxes where local members have come together to be educated on women’s issues, have a safe place to share workplace concerns and build solidarity. The Edmonton local is well known for its many strong women activists some of whom have represented CUPW at the Regional and National level. Women like Lynn Bue (1stWomen VP at CUPW National), Asma Burney and Sue Wilson (members of National Negotiating Committees) and more recently Karen Kennedy (Winner of the Jim Shewchuk Award by the EDLC for her many and ongoing contributions to the Labour Movement). These sisters and many more have all been enriched and encouraged by our Local Women’s Committee. My own Union involvement started with going to an Equinox event.

However in the last few years, the Women’s Committee has struggled to find its feet. As working women balancing family and life commitments it has been hard to add yet another meeting, another event to the list. There are issues of sexual harassment, pregnancy accommodations and childcare where we have been silent or simply at a loss as to how to respond. This is not just an Edmonton issue. All over the country, local women’s committees are struggling to be relevant, to have a purpose. But, there are glimmers of hope.

From April 6 to 8 we held the Prairie Regional Women’s Conference in Edmonton. 36 sisters gathered from all over the Prairie Region to learn about Mental Health, Domestic Violence and Harassment in the workplace. We bonded together over Yoga, Line Dancing and crafts. Everyone left the weekend feeling energized to go back to their locals and keep up the good fight. We exchanged ideas and agreed that as Union women we need to have space to come together and empower each other not just at work but in our lives.

So on Saturday June 16 at10:00 am to 12:00pm there will be a Women’s Committeemeeting at the Union Office (18121-107 Ave.)Bring your ideas, energy and enthusiasm. Issues for education? Charity projects supporting women? Solidarity and empowerment ideas? The floor is open. The Committee will supply snacks and refreshments. Children welcome.

In Solidarity,

Kathleen Mpulubusi