Pay Equity Decision

Dear Members,

For anyone that has not yet heard, we have received the Pay Equity Decision from Arbitrator Flynn. “At this time, we can confirm that the arbitrator has ruled that RSMCs perform work of equal value to that of letter carriers. She has also ruled that a wage gap exists between RSMCs and letter carriers.” ~

This is a huge win for all of us!!!

In the days to come our members at National office will be providing more information on what all of this will mean for all of us going forward. I know that some of you are worried about the impact of this decision on our negotiations and Canada Post may use that to try and divide us and take away the pride and accomplishment in what we have won, not only for CUPW members but for others in the labour movement as well. Please don’t fall for it.

Now more than ever we need to keep the pressure on Canada Post to bargain fairly for a good Collective Agreement with decent gains for all of us. By showing our support for each other, our Union and our Negotiators we can send Canada Post a strong message that we demand that they do what is right for all of us, no matter our group or classification, no matter where we work or how long we have worked for Canada Post.

Remember, Canada Post reported a 70 million dollar profit before tax in the first quarter of this year; traditionally this is our slower time of year! Our pension plan has shown growth year after year and was never the issue that Canada Post made it out to be. Canada Post is on track to continue to make huge profits on a continuous basis due to the increasing growth of parcel delivery. Don’t buy into any doom and gloom forecasts that you may hear, Canada Post is doing just fine and it’s about time it started sharing that with all of us!!!

For the best source of information and updates please go to our National website at If you haven’t subscribed to CUWP e-digest you may want to so you can have the latest news delivered right to your inbox. Please check the bulletin boards in your workplace for updates and information too!

In Respect and Solidarity,