Picketing Information

Picket Captain

Duties and Responsibilities


Initial phoning of members on your list in the event of a strike

Report for your shift a few minutes early to meet with the Picket Captain of the previous shift, picketers as need be.

Should you arrive on your shift and are short picketers, please contact the Strike Coordinator.

Phoning picketers when they do not report for picket duty – find out if there is a problem – remind them of the commitments/strike pay.

You may be asked to send picketers to another location. Strike headquarters will arrange the transfer. Politely insist that this is essential for the success of the strike.

Maintain picket line protocol and patrol the lines. Keep the lines moving and equally distributed.

Do not let pickets obstruct the public from using sidewalks or roadways.

Distribute information on the picket line.

Gather information on the picket line of members problems and concerns.

Make sure picketers are not in arguments or debates concerning the strike with the public or with each other.

Remember to keep the noise levels down in the evenings and at night, particularly if you’re in a residential area. We need the community on our side.

Ensure that the area is kept clean.

Crossing the Line

Special permission to cross any picket line must be obtained from Strike Central.

Encourage the picketers to provide the public who are crossing the line with information that a strike is in progress. Instruct picketers to ask people courteously to respect the picket line. However, conversation with the public should be kept to a minimum.

Please stop all service vehicles (garbage picket up, deliveries, etc.) Ask them not to cross the line. If they agree, thank them kindly and make note of it in the book. If they cross, please write in the book the vehicle number and license plate number as well as the company. The President will do a follow-up.

Incidents / Events

A book has been provided in the picket office to record incidents or significant events. Please keep it up to date. This book will be used as reference to what is happening on the line.

If an incident occurs on the picket line please take a minute to write it down. Document the time, place, those involved, any witnesses, etc. The President will follow-up on any incident. Please use the picket line cellular phone to contact police if there has been a serious incident and you believe you need their assistance.

Write down in the book any donations that are received on the line, guests that arrive, and anything else you believe is significant.

Protocol Problems

 If a member is not following protocol please take them aside and inform them of the protocol. Should they choose not to comply, inform the President or the Picket Coordinator. If they are disruptive to the point that you believe they will damage the credibility of the picket line, you may ask them to leave and the President will meet with them to resolve the issue. This rule applies to non-CUPW picketers as well.

No one is allowed on the line if they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If they are, handle in the best way possible to insure they get off the line. If you need assistance, call the President.


Identify yourself as Picket Captain to police.

Should the police arrive at the line, please be courteous. Do your best to deal with the situation. If a situation occurs that you are unable to handle, please call the President.

Information / Media

Refer the media to the President.

Advise members not to speak to the media.

The Union will update you on any issues that arise. You are the link between the Strike Committee and the members. Should you not be able to answer a question about negotiations, please ask the President.

Questions of topics other than negotiations, which you are unable to answer, should be referred to the President.

Should the media arrive on the line, you may provide them with the information you have on negotiations. However, please tell them that the Local President is the only person authorized to speak on behalf of the Union. If the President is not on the line, let them know how to reach them. If you do not know the answer to a question, please do not make something up. Tell them you will provide the information as soon as you can or request that they speak to the President.


Picket Captain Vest

Cell phone



Picket Captains:

Please read “Rules of the Picket Line” and “Picket Captain Duties and Responsibilities”. If you have any questions or concerns please call the office.

Included in the Strike Kit you will find:

  1. Clipboard
  2. Pens
  3. Highlighter
  4. Scissors
  5. String
  6. Tape
  7. Garbage Bags
  8. First Aid kits
  9. And a folder with: Rules of the Picket Line

Picket Captain Duties and Responsibilities

Updated Phone lists

Sign in sheets for the picket line. These are to be sent into the union office daily by fax, driver or picture(please ensure the picture is clear and do follow up by sending the hard copies to the office ASAP)

The fax number for the union office is 780-423-2883

Cell # 780-719-4555


Picket Captain Orientation

As any seasoned union leader will tell you, we negotiate with our employer to reach a settlement…not strike. Reality is, though, that we must always be prepared to do what is necessary to achieve our goals on behalf of the membership. They deserve nothing less.

What Are Picket Captains

Picket Captains are volunteers, whose role is to represent the Union while we are on strike on the picket lines. Picket captains are responsible for recording picketers on their shifts to verify eligibility for strike pay and to ensure that strike duties are shared fairly. Picket Captains are responsible for scheduling breaks and to ensure that enough members are manning the lines and around to ensure the health and safety of our members. When and if the time comes, the union is looking for volunteers to sign up to be Picket Captains. Any questions or concerns that you may have about what it means to be a Picket Captain, please direct your concerns to our organization committee.

The years of bargaining have defined our past and our future as CUPW…

1965:14,000 Workers defied the government by striking against poor working conditions and poverty driven salaries. The immediate results were significant wage increases, collective bargaining, the right to strike, a no reprisal against strikers and a Royal Commission to investigate working conditions and management control issues.

1968:An 8-hour per day/40 hours per week. The Strike provided for better wages, some improved working conditions and the introduction of “consulting” with the union on issues. And, a grievance procedure was put in place that allowed workers to deal with workplace issues.

1981:CUPW argues that maternity leave is needed to eliminate the injustice suffered by female workers who are forced to take a substantial loss in pay due to pregnancy. It takes the position that women shouldn’t have to pay a penalty because they are the ones in society who bear children. The union wins paid maternity leave after a 42-day strike, making CUPW the first national union to win this right for its members.

The struggle continues…


  1. All picket lines must be up at the strike start time. This means that Picket Captains for the first shift need to be on site to set up 30 minutes early. Other picketers scheduled should arrive for the first shift 15 minutes early.
  2. Picket Captains will wear name tags designating them as Picket Captains.
  3. Picket Captains will make sure everyone (including community supporters) signs in.
  4. Picket Captains will be given supplies of leaflets to give to the public for use by clericals on the picket line.
  5. Picket Captains will encourage us to keep the site tidy, and are responsible for making sure the site is cleaned up completely after the picket line is closed down.
  6. Picket Captains will distribute and collect Strike Benefits Application forms, and check the membership list to make sure that applicants are members. Non-members can join on the spot. If a member’s name does not show up on the membership list, just have them fill out another membership form.
  7. If a reporter comes, the Picket Captain should refer them to the designated Media Contact at that location, or to another location. Take their card or their name.
  8. The Picket Captain will turn all picket line supplies in at the end of each day.
  9. The Picket Captain will, at the end of shift, take a photo of sign in sheet and send it to Treasurer@cupwedm.net or text to: 780-719-4555. HARD COPIES TO BE SENT TO THE LOCAL UNION OFFICE ASAP.
  10. If any delivery workers or drivers have questions about strike sanction, they can call the CUPW Strike Headquarters at 780-423-9000.
  11. The Picket Captain will serve as police liaison if necessary. If the police ask to talk, it is recommended that a few people do it together. Or the police can be referred to: Local President 780-423-9000 or 780-719-4555
  12. If you have any questions while on the strike line, talk to your picket captain on the line.

Supplies for Strike Tables:

Pens for Signing in Sign in sheets/stickers
Garbage Bags Water and Paper Cups
Colored Marking Pens First aid kit
Duct Tape or Masking Tape Membership list/membership forms
Folding Chair Bullhorn
Disposable camera Ice chest
Folding table Tarps/poles


Rules of the Picket Line

If the members of CUPW vote to authorize a strike, we as a Union must then prepare for the real possibility that a strike against Canada Post may take place.

Picket lines must be set up and maintained in an orderly and professional way. The following are rules for Picket Captains and all other picketers.

1. The Picket Captain has absolute authority to maintain discipline on the picket line. That authority includes, but is not limited to, removing picketers who engage in unlawful behaviour.

2. All picketers must report to the Picket Captain when they both arrive and leave the picket line. Accurate records of all picket duty performed must be kept.

3. Report to the picket line at your work location only. Please arrive 15 minutes before your normally scheduled time.

4. For a variety of reasons, you may be asked to change your picket location. Please cooperate with these requests.

5. Please wear comfortable clothes. A jacket, rain gear, a hat, sunscreen, etc. are all appropriate. Please remember that how the public views us could determine their willingness to support us.

6. The Picket Captain will determine breaks and rest periods.

7. Please do not use the rest room of the employer you are striking.

8. Please do not litter in the picket area. Garbage bags will be provided. Police will be watching closely and you want to avoid getting a littering ticket.

9. Please talk politely to customers crossing the line and encourage them to support your effort.

10. The Picket Captain will keep incident reports. Those reports will be communicated to Strike Headquarters.

11. If no Picket Captain is present, contact your Union Representative so a substitute can be named.

12. Ignore all rumours while on the Picket Line. If necessary, report the rumour to Strike Headquarters.

13. Never abandon your picket line. If no replacement shows up, please contact Strike Headquarters.

14.PLEASE DO NOT TALK TO REPORTERS. Provide the reporter with the local president’s cell number at 780-719-4555 or email at union@cupwedm.net


15.THERE MUST BE NO DRUGS, ALCOHOL, VIOLENCE OR WEAPONS ON THE PICKET LINE.The police will be watching at all times. Do not argue with the police. Have them contact Strike Headquarters.

STRIKE HEADQUARTERS PHONE NUMBER IS 780-423-9000. Please call Strike Headquarters if you have any questions or concerns. Someone will be at Strike Headquarters at all times that picket lines are active.

Divided We Beg But Together We Bargain”


Picketing is an important activity. By picketing, we protect our jobs, build

our own unity, and send a message to management and the community.

Misconduct on the picket line by a few individuals could cause us to be

hit with court injunctions and could damage our image in the community.

Please observe the following rules. The picket captain has the authority to

enforce these rules and to remove anyone who does not follow the rules.


Report to the picket captain at your appropriate gate

Records will be kept of all duties performed The Union office will be 24 hours per day, 7 days a week

Be on time. If each group of pickets arrive on time, then everyone will be able to leave on time

Don’t leave your post until the next group is there to relieve you. The Picket Captains may ask you to change locations or shift depending on needs. Please cooperate. The requests are made to keep our lines as strong as possible

Refer any strangers, media people, employer representatives, or police to the picket captain, even if they appear friendly. Statements made by uninformed picket may be used against the union in court or in the news media

Report any unusual incidents to the picket captain. A form is available from the picket captain.

Repeat facts not rumours

Be prepared for any kind of weather

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes

Do not enter Plant Property for any reason

There will be no drugs, no alcohol, no weapons and no violence on the picket line or at the union hall

Maintain dignity and common sense on the picket line

No littering, no drunkenness, no obscene gestures and no urinating

In an emergency, call the following number 780-423-9000/780-719-4555 or come to the union office

Canadian Union of Postal Workers – Edmonton Local18121 – 107 Avenue Edmonton Alberta T5S 1K4
Ph: 780-423-9000 Fax: 780-423-2883

October 5, 2018

To Edmonton Local Membership

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

RE: Edmonton 730 Local Strike Headquarters

The Edmonton Local 730 is establishing their Strike Headquarters at the Union Office in the event that we are forced to strike or are locked out by Canada Post.

If we are forced to strike or are locked out, the Edmonton local CUPW Office will be our Strike Headquarters and will be operational 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

The purpose of the Strike Headquarters is to:

  • Receive regular reports from the Picket Lines
  • Answer questions for you the membership
  • Provide Information to Picket locations about the progress of the strike, and about any events our local will be planning during the strike
  • Assist if there are problems or concerns.

Our local office is in official Strike Preparation mode and will be operating regular hours during the week until a strike or lockout is announced.

Phone calls can be made to the local office at:

  • (780) 423-9000
  • Toll free 1-877-423-2879

The email address for strike headquarters is:


In solidarity,

Nancy Dodsworth