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November 9th, 2018

Hi All,

A lot of questions have been coming forward about working when there is a Statutory Holiday, such as this weekend with Remembrance Day and how our Overtime Ban plays into it. The Overtime ban talks of 8 hours/day and 40 hours/week. With that it is implied that we only work when we can and do receive only our regular rate of pay, we work on regularly scheduled days only.

Remembrance Day is a Stat holiday and paid at more than our regular rate of pay so that means we cannot work that day if we do not want to violate our Overtime Ban.

If our normal working day is Sunday, November 11th, we will have that day off as our Stat day.

If our normal day off is Sunday, we will have that day off as our Stat and our day off will move to Monday. So now we have Sunday and Monday off and both days are covered under our OT Ban, meaning we cannot work.

If our normal days off are Sunday and Monday, we will have Sunday off as our Stat and our days off will now be Monday and Tuesday. This time all three days are covered under our OT Ban, meaning we cannot work.

For RSMCs it becomes a bit trickier. While RSMCs are not on an hourly rate the OT ban does still apply. The limit is 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week, CPC does not pay RSMCs OT after 8 or 40 but CPC also does not pay RSMCs for all hours worked. This leads us to working on our days off, Saturday or Sunday. For an Urban member they would automatically be paid at a higher rate of pay if their work schedule is Monday – Friday, but with RSMCs, Canada Post does not pay OT on the weekends, only the per piece rate for parcel delivery, with mileage and travel rate. CUPW has grieved that RSMCs should be paid OT for working on their day of rest. And that is where the catch comes for our OT ban. Working on the weekend, Saturday or Sunday, is not a normally scheduled ‘working day’ for an RSMC. Working on the weekend should also be paid at an Overtime rate as far as CUPW is concerned. Given those two points, we are asking that RSMCs do not go into work on the weekends to do parcel delivery as this would violate the Overtime Ban.

I know many RSMCs, just like Letter carriers, are worried about the mail piling up for your routes. Having the 8 hour maximum for work helps keep you safe from discipline that Canada Post may try to impose, as our OT ban is a legal strike action that provides protection. If your route is piling up and you are bringing back mail, please do ask your supervisors for help to get that mail out. Maybe there are some relief, PREs or OCREs that can help, or maybe Canada Post can pay someone with a smaller route to help take some of the extra work out.

I fully acknowledge and understand the fact that many RSMCs, like our Urban members, are feeling the pinch of lost time and are without the ability to pick up extra work. Most of you may have counted on being able to do the extra weekend day to help bring in a little bit more. Believe me, I know this is a big ask, just as it has been for our Urban members, but I thank all of you for your understanding and help. It is my hope that by keeping the pressure on we can get Canada Post to address our needs at the bargaining table. It is difficult now but I am hopeful we will see the payoff for our hard work soon.

We have been hearing a lot of reports of backlogged mail, so that tells me what we are doing is working. Many members of the Public are speaking out in support of our actions and appreciate that we are keeping the mail moving. They realize it is not as fast moving as usual but they are still sending their items through the mail. Supporting our customers and still receiving pay for the days we are not on strike is a win/win situation for us and a losing one for the corporation. This is a very good thing! With all of us supporting our Negotiators and holding our lines, we will get through this!

We will do this and we will do it together!

In respect and solidarity!


P.S. Someone asked me the other day if those that are working full time for our Union get paid when we go out on Strike. Nope. All of us are on strike and without pay, just like everyone else.


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