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November 1, 2018

RE: National Overtime Ban

Dear Members:

As of November 1stour National Union has implemented another step in our Legal Strike Actions by calling for a nationwide overtime ban. Working over 8 hours a day or over 40 hours a week is now considered the same as crossing our picket lines.

I believe they have done this for several reasons:

  • Workers were already refusing overtime in many work locations, both inside and outside workers. To prevent the employer from disciplining members for their commendable actions in support of those on the strike lines and those of our members that have been ruthlessly cut off of STDP, our National Union moved it to be a Legal Strike action, removing the threat of discipline.
  • The corporation still has not addressed the major issues of:overburdening, overtime, overwork, all hours worked are all hours paid. We all know that we continuously make things work for the corporation in order to support our customers. With us continuing to uphold our dedication to our customers by working overtime we are not able to clearly show the underlying issue of inadequate staffing levels, improperly built routes and the continuously increasing workload created by the exponential growth in parcel processing and delivery.
  • The uncertainty of our current negotiations with an employer that has continuously refused to bargain fairly has caused much frustration amongst us. Some believe we should not impede those that need extra income from working overtime; others believe that by doing overtime we are only prolonging our time on the line. By moving to a National Overtime ban, our Union has taken steps to stop conflict between members on the work floor.
  • Once we began our strike actions the corporation could now pick and choose who gets the overtime…. All of our overtime lists and seniority are a benefit bargained for within our collective agreements… that Canada Post has decided to no longer honour. If we don’t do overtime, Canada Post cannot use this to divide us.

I know this ban will be difficult for some, but please do keep in mind that working 8 hours a day is something that will help us demonstrate to the corporation how important it is to have proper staffing and properly built routes for both Urban and RSMC members. Many of us have made our jobs work for so long in order to support our customers that we have forgotten what it is like to take our breaks, work at a safe pace, and only work 8 hours to get the mail processed and delivered. Many of us have grown used to going home sore and exhausted.

Now is the time to support and stand by each other. It will be difficult for many of us when we want to take that extra step for our customers, something that the employer has relied on for far too long, but we must stop making it work. We must do this for each other and for all those that will come after us.

In Respect and Solidarity

Nancy Dodsworth, President, CUPW Local 730 Edmonton

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