Terms and conditions without a collective agreement

Canadian Union of Postal Workers – Edmonton Local
18121 – 107 Avenue Edmonton Alberta T5S 1K4
Ph: 780-423-9000 Fax: 780-423-2883

November 1, 2018

Dear Members:

Canada Post did away with our Collective Agreements once we started our rotating strikes on October 22nd. We have been answering many questions about our new terms of employment since then. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Pay – Remains the same rate as it was before we went out. RSMC – this includes all other allowances. URBAN – the onlyallowances that will continue will be that of lead hand, meal and beverage, on-call/standby, private vehicle kilometres, HH bonuses and over-assessed route.
  • Benefits – Extended Health Care Plan (including prescription coverage), Dental, Vision, Hearing, will all continue. URBAN – Disability Insurance and Life Insurance – new claims occurring after any strike action will be discontinued.
  • Pension – no time will accumulate when not working, such as when out on the strike line
  • Vacation – all vacation leave is cancelled, even previously approved. Employees must obtain approval to remain off and if approval granted, leave will be unpaid.
  • Other leave – All other forms of paid leave, either new or pre-approved, will be subject to management approval and will be without pay.
  • Staffing – the corporation may staff to meet customer needs – (Please remember that our seniority, schedules of work, rotation of duties and overtime lists are all bargained-for benefits)
  • STDP – Payments have stopped – if you are off of work due to non-work related reasons please do apply for medical EI right away. Please contact Access HR for your Record of Employment 1-877-807-9090. Please contact Rashpal Sehmby 780-423-9000 ext. 4 if you have any questions on this.
  • Adoption & Maternity Leave – Top ups have stopped – only the EI Maternity base rate will be paid.

As our Rotating Strikes continue, it is very important that you do keep informed by keeping an eye on your CUPW bulletin boards, cupw.ca or our local website, http://www.cupwedm.net. We will be keeping our local office phone message updated with information when we are called out again, and will be staffing our local office for the full 24 hours during any 24 hour strike rotation we may be called on to do. All picket line information is now up on our local website http://www.cupwedm.net, this information is specific to picket line protocol and Picket Captain Duties; please feel free to read any or all of the information and offer help on the line where you can. Now more than ever it is important to present a respectful public face for all to see. Please do not talk to any media. This is for your protection as CPC will hold you accountable for anything you say. Please remember, when we are on the picket lines we are representing all of our Brothers and Sisters across the country, let’s do them PROUD!!

When we are called out for our next rotation turn it is very important that you show up for the time you signed up to walk the line and that you sign in with your Picket Captain. If you would like to picket longer than your assigned picket time or would like to picket at other picket locations as well your work location picket, you are most welcome to do so. After our designated time on the line has passed we must return to work on our next scheduled shift. Please plan accordingly.

I would like to thank everyone for doing such a fantastic job holding our lines!!!

When I say holding our line, it is not just the actual Strike line or holding to the 8 hour day. We also hold our line by maintaining our discipline, showing up to work and working in a safe manner every day while not knowing when our next turn on the Strike line will come. Working in offices that are filled with uncertainty and rife with rumours adds to the stressful time we are now undergoing. Thank you to all of you that are doing your best to stop the rumour mill and keep things on an even keel for those that are struggling.

I know the overtime ban is a difficult strike action for some, but by keeping ourselves to a maximum 8 hour day we prove the corporation that we need better staffing solutions and that we need safe working conditions.

It is my hope that when all this is said and done, we will have a fairly negotiated Collective Agreement for all. If we keep holding our lines we stand a very good chance of getting what we need. We will get through this and we will do it together. In Solidarity!

Nancy Dodsworth, President, CUPW Local 730 Edmonton

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