Election Results

Edmonton Executive 2019 Nominations & Elections

The following positions were up for election and are two year terms. Following are the results at close of nominations (Acclaimed):

  • Health & Safety – Full Time Officer – Rashpal Sehmby
  • Education Officer – Ajay Sharma
  • Route Verification Officer – Jennifer Reimer
  • Chief Shop Steward – Wickets/Affiliates – Karry Biri
  • Chief Shop Steward RSMC – Elizabeth Tjostheim

The following positions were also up for election and are two year terms. They have remained up for election due to one or more of the following reasons: 1) There were no nominations 2) Individuals nominated withdrew their nominations 3) Person nominated did not meet attendance requirements.

Nominations and elections will be from the floor at the

April 6, 2019 GMM:

  • President – Full Time Officer Position
  • Recording Secretary
  • Chief Shop Steward – Maintenance
  • Chief Shop Steward – Shift 2 EMPP

Congratulations and Thank You to those that are acclaimed!

CUPW Edmonton Election Committee