General Membership Meeting

CUPW Edmonton Local


Sunday, July 7th, 2019

6:00pm – 8:00pm @ Union Office

18121-107ave EdmontonAgenda

Vice President – Floor Election (Interim-2020)

Chief Shop Steward Shift 1 – Floor Election (Interim-2020)

Chief Shop Steward Shift 3 – Floor Election (Interim-2020)

Organizing Officer (interim-2020)

5.14In the Event of a Vacancy on the Executive Committee, a replacement will be elected at a General Membership Meeting no later than Eights (8) weeks following the date the resignation is received.

5.15Election of Officers shall be the first order of business at the Election Meeting. The normal business of the April General meeting may proceed while ballots are counted, with the exception that items of “New Business” other than excusing members from meetings and waiving of dues, “Unfinished Business” and “Elections” still may not proceed until the members and alternates of the Committee have finished their work.

5.16For all other elections not specifically provided for in these By-laws, the following procedures will apply:

5.16.1Notice for election must form part of the General Meeting notice. 5.16.2 Candidates and their nominators must be members-in-good standing.

5.16.3In the event that a member nominated is not present at the time of election, he/she must have indicated, in writing, their

willingness to stand for election. This procedure shall be noted on the notice of the General Meeting.

*34 Regional Conference Delegates (amendment to total delegates)

*- dependant on total membership

13.1(a) To be eligible to run as a Regional Conference Delegate, incumbents must be members-in-good-standing who have attended fifty per cent (50%) of all GMMs in the previous twelve (12) month period. For the election meeting, a member must be in attendance or have submitted, in writing to the Secretary-Treasurer, their intention to stand for election.

13.1(b) As part of the Regional Conference delegation one delegate shall be elected from the Edmonton Local affiliates. For this delegate the General Meetings Requirement shall be waived.

13.2 The Local’s delegates will be elected at the first GMM following a National Convention and will serve as delegates until the first GMM following the succeeding National Convention. Regional Conference delegates must attend at least fifty per cent (50%) of the regular GMMs of any twelve (12) month period during their term to maintain their status as delegates.

13.3 Delegates to any and all forums, conventions, conferences, such as Regional Conferences, National Convention, Alberta Federation of Labour Convention and Forums, Canadian Labour Congress Convention, shall within a month after attending such, shall submit a written report to the Executive. Such reports shall be a minimum of 350 words.

: The President shall provide a list of names of those that provided such reports to the next GMM.

: Such reports shall be made available for review by the membership if so requested.

: Any Regional Conference delegates intending to be elected for National Convention shall submit their intent to run in writing to the Secretary Treasurer prior to such election.


2019 – 2020 Budget Presentation

Notice of Motions (5 motions to be voted on)

ADD 7.2.1 in the event of a vacancy which results in the loss of one or more signing officer, another fulltime officer must be bonded in an amount set by the Executive Committee and become Signing Officer.

Motion:Move to add 7.2.1 to bylaws and to be dealt with at the May 2019 GMM.

MovedCathy Furtak

Motion: Therefore,Be it Resolved,

Remove from the By-laws clause 6.9.1, 6.9.2, 6.9.3, renumber the remaining clauses under 6.9 accordingly, and change the references of the Sergeant -at-Arms/Editor to remove the, “Sergeant-at-Arms/” and just leave the “Editor”.

Therefore;Be it Further Resolved:

To add a new clause to Article 9 of the By-laws, 9.2.2 as follows:

9.2.2(B) Appointment of a Sergeant-at-Arms for the duration of the meeting. Renumber the remaining sub-clauses of 9.2 appropriately, including adjusting the sub headings of the agenda items to the next appropriate letter of the alphabet.

Therefore,be it Further Resolved:

To add a new clause to Article 10 of the By-laws, 10.1.1, as follows:

10.1.1 The Chairperson shall, at the beginning of the meeting, as the first order of business, appoint a willing member to be the Sergeant-at-Arms, from among those assembled.\

10.1.2 The person so appointed, will be given a hand-out, listing the duties that will be required of them as Sergeant-at-Arms. These duties will include, but not be limited to: Guard the door and admit no one but members-in-good-standing, except on the instructions of the chairperson by consent of the members present. Keep a proper and correct register of the attendance at the meeting and provide the Secretary Treasurer with such record. Work with the Chairperson to maintain the function of the meeting in the proper decorum and according to the By-laws and regulations of the Local and the National Constitution of the C.U.P.W.

MovedDustin Hill

Whereas the responsibility of a union activist doesn’t stop within the walls of our local;

Whereas article 9.42 of our national convention and 1.3 of our local bylaws requires our affiliation to labour councils and federations of labour;

Whereas affiliation alone does not provide our local or our members with the full benefit of being affiliated with the house of labour;

Whereas our work in the labour movement doesn’t start and stop with conventions;

Whereas active representatives to the Labour Council have shown commitment to being a labour activist within the house of labour;

Motion:Therefore,be it resolved that article 13.10 of our bylaws be created and read as follows:

13.10 Delegates to their district labour council shall be granted first right of refusal as a delegate to the Alberta Federation of Labour conventions. If there are more interested delegates than sponsored spots, then an election will be held between them to determine the delegates to represent the local at AFL convention.

Moved:Karry Biri for Greg Mady

Whereas article 9.42 of our national constitution requires that “Each Local shall be affiliated with the Provincial Federation of Labour and Labour Council of its respective region and each Local encourages its members to participate actively within their locale.”;

Whereas you are required to be a delegate to and have attended 50% of meetings to be elected to positions within the Labour Council;

Whereas elected positions within the Labour Council have terms longer than the terms than our delegates do;

Whereas members fairly elected to the Labour Council by all affiliate delegates to serve out their term the best they can;

Motion:Therefore,be it resolved that article 13.11 of our bylaws be created and read as follows:

13.11 Delegates holding an elected position within a Labour Council shall be considered automatic delegates for the term of their position if they so choose.

Moved:Karry Biri for Greg Mady

Whereas LJHSC members are CUPW members. 

Whereas LJHSC members are CUPW representatives. 

Whereas LJHSC members are chosen by CUPW.

Whereas LJHSC members are tasked to represent CUPW members and their H&S concerns. 

Whereas CPC’s words and actions regarding concern for employees H&S are in opposition. 

Motion:Be it resolved that all LJHSC members attend minimum 3 GMMs annually. 

Be it resolved that all LJHSC co-chairs attend minimum 4 GMMs annually. 

Moved:Kristine Bowman

Committee & Delegate Elections

Bylaw Committee 1 member (to Feb 2020)

Conflict Resolution and Disciplinary Committee *5 members (to 2023 convention)

Conflict Resolution and Disciplinary Committee *2 alternates (to 2023 convention)

Election Committee 1 alternate (to Dec 2020)

Environment Committee 8 members (to May 2021)

Health & Safety Committee 1 member (to Oct 2020)

Human Rights committee 1 member (to May 2021)

Inside Out Committee 2 members (to Nov 2020)

First Nation Sub-Committee 5 members (to May 2021)

Temp Rights Committee 6 members (to Mar 2021)

Women’s Committee 3 members (to Sept 2019)

*conflict resolution and disciplinary committee members need solidarity skills or conflict resolution/mediation course.

In the event that a member nominated is not present at the time of election, he/she must have indicated, in writing in advance, their willingness to stand for election.