Election Results

Edmonton Executive 2019 Nominations & Elections

The following positions were up for election and are two year terms. Following are the results at close of nominations (Acclaimed):

  • Health & Safety – Full Time Officer – Rashpal Sehmby
  • Education Officer – Ajay Sharma
  • Route Verification Officer – Jennifer Reimer
  • Chief Shop Steward – Wickets/Affiliates – Karry Biri
  • Chief Shop Steward RSMC – Elizabeth Tjostheim

The following positions were also up for election and are two year terms. They have remained up for election due to one or more of the following reasons: 1) There were no nominations 2) Individuals nominated withdrew their nominations 3) Person nominated did not meet attendance requirements.

Nominations and elections will be from the floor at the

April 6, 2019 GMM:

  • President – Full Time Officer Position
  • Recording Secretary
  • Chief Shop Steward – Maintenance
  • Chief Shop Steward – Shift 2 EMPP

Congratulations and Thank You to those that are acclaimed!

CUPW Edmonton Election Committee


CUPW Edmonton Local


Sunday Mar 3rd, 2018

6:00 PM – 8:00 PM Union Office

18121 – 107 Ave. Edmonton


Floor Nomination/Election – AFL Convention 7 Delegates

Floor Nomination/Election 2 sisters for Prairie School for Women (if need be)

13.3 Delegates to any and all forums, conventions, conferences, such as Regional Conferences, National Convention, Alberta Federation of Labour Convention and Forums, Canadian Labour Congress Convention, shall within a month after attending such, shall submit a written report to the Executive. Such reports shall be a minimum of 350 words.

: The President shall provide a list of names of those that provided such reports to the next GMM.

: Such reports shall be made available for review by the membership if so requested.

: Any Regional Conference delegates intending to be elected for National Convention shall submit their intent to run in writing to the Secretary Treasurer prior to such election.

13.4 Alternates will first be selected from a slate of unsuccessful candidates for the delegates and their order will be determined by the number of votes that each candidate received during the election.

13.4.1 The number one alternate will fill the first vacancy occurring in the slate of delegates, subsequent vacancies shall be filled in accordance with the order in which they were declared elected

Floor Nomination/Election – Chief Steward of Maintenance – April 2019

5.14In the Event of a Vacancy on the Executive Committee, a replacement will be elected at a General Membership Meeting no later than Eights (8) weeks following the date the resignation is received.

5.15Election of Officers shall be the first order of business at the Election Meeting. The normal business of the April General meeting may proceed while ballots are counted, with the exception that items of “New Business” other than excusing members from meetings and waiving of dues, “Unfinished Business” and “Elections” still may not proceed until the members and alternates of the Committee have finished their work.

5.16For all other elections not specifically provided for in these By-laws, the following procedures will apply:

5.16.1Notice for election must form part of the General Meeting notice. 5.16.2 Candidates and their nominators must be members-in-good standing.

5.16.3In the event that a member nominated is not present at the time of the election, he/she must have indicated, in writing their willingness to stand for election. This procedure shall be noted on the notice of the General Meeting.

Un-tabling of previous motion

(Goods & Welfare) Add the following article to bylaws: – as the monies available to this committee are not Union funds that originate from members dues, these funds SHALL NOT appear on the Locals audited financial statements nor be subject to an audit.

(Goods & Welfare) Change the existing Article from

*a record shall be kept of all financial transactions (monies raised, spent, disbursed) and shall be submitted to the Trustee Committee for their inspection, in accordance with article 6*

(Goods & Welfare) to the new worded article

*a record in the form of a 3-column financial journalshall be kept of all financial transactions (monies raised, spent, disbursed) and shall be submitted to the Trustee Committee for their inspection, in accordance with article 6* This record may also be made available to the membership upon request or annually if no request is made.

Moved by: Cathy Furtak


11.1.15Good and Welfare Committee Shall consist of three (3) core members, elected at a GMM. Other interested members may be called upon to assist the committee. Shall raise money to assist members who are facing financial difficulty through no fault of their own. Funds shall be raised in two ways: a) “Pass the hat” – money raised due to emergency or immediate need, b) Ongoing fund raising – to build bank account

for the purposes of additional fund raising or disbursement to members who approach the committee for help Only members-in-good-standing of the Edmonton Local of the C.U.P.W. shall receive monies from this committee. Money will be paid out in the form of a gilt Each case shall be decided, for both necessity and amount of money, on its own merits, by a two-thirds (2/3) majority decision of the committee. Signing authority on the account shall be the same as other union funds. A record shall be kept of all financial transactions (monies raised, spent, disbursed) and shall be submitted to the Trustee Committee for their inspection, in accordance with Article 6.

Motion:Move that the Edmonton Local send 2 sisters to Prairie School for Union Women in Saskatchewan June 13-19, 2019. Money to come from the Women’s Committee and from CUPW Natl. Funding if available. With election at the next GMM Moved by: Cathy Furtak

Motion:move the remaining funds from this fiscal year from wages-admin to FTO replacement

Moved by:Karry Biri

Committee & Delegate Elections

By-Laws Committee 2 alternates (to Feb 2020)

EDLC Delegates 8 members (to Feb 2020)

Education Committee 5 members (to Nov 2020)

Election Committee 2 alternates (to Dec 2020)

Environment Committee 5 members (to May 2019)

Human Rights Committee 1 members (to May 2019)

Inside Out Committee 4 members (to Nov 2020)

First Nation Sub-Committee 1 members (to May 2019)

Organizing Committee 10 members (to Sept 2020)

Social Committee 2 members (to Nov 2020)

Temp Rights Committee 2 members (to Mar 2019)

Trustee Committee 2 members (to Sep 2019)

In the event that a member nominated is not present at the time of election, he/she must have indicated, in writing in advance, their willingness to stand for election.

Human Rights Committee Meeting

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

7:00 PM -9:00 PM

Meeting to be held at our local office

18121-107 Avenue


Anti-Bullying Day (Feb.)

International Woman’s Day (Mar.)

Asian Heritage Month (May)

Pride (June)

National Indigenous Day (June)

Articles for Inside Out

Future Meetings Dates

The HMAN ROGHTS COMMITTEE is an open committee, everyone is welcome!


President’s Report

February 2nd, 2019 ~ GMM

  1. Exec meeting attendance:
  • December 22/19 – No Quorum

  • January 12/19

    • In attendance: Kathi, Roland, Greg, Carl, Steve, Kyle, Kathleen, Sanjay, Parminder, Michelle, Rashpal, Roland, Ajay, Todd, Nancy (left at 10:00)

    • Absent: Cathy (Family Care)

  1. As many of you know I will not be re-offering for the position of Local President in the April elections. I would like to offer my thanks to all that have worked so hard to grow and support our local during my term as President. I appreciate all the help you have given to both me and all of those in our local, without your help and support I could not have done what I needed to do as your local President. I came in with a personal mandate to help redirect and strengthen our local and for the most part I believe we have achieved those goals. There are still areas where there is more work to be done, but I believe we are moving in the right direction. It is important to support others, by my stepping aside I will be giving someone else the opportunity to fill the role of local President and add their own strengths to our local. I look forward to helping and supporting whoever takes on the position.
  2. Negotiations Update:

The latest bulletin that came out on January 25/19 lists the items that will be brought before future meetings with the Arbitrator. Our union and the employer have agreed on Interest arbitration rather than Final Offer Selection, with the Arbitrator’s support. This means that we will have the opportunity to bring forward each of our positions to the Arbitrator with the hope of reaching settlements that are a better suited to both parties rather than the imposing of only one side.

The legislation stated that the arbitration should be done within 90 days of the appointment of the Arbitrator but with the hot button topics brought forward we may see an application to extend the arbitration process. Any extensions would have to be up to the Minister to decide on. What this means for all of us is that we may see a final decision this spring, or it may extend further into the year. Please keep yourselves informed by checking your union bulletin boards at your workplace or by going to cupw.ca

  1. There has been a lot of chatter about working safe from cpc lately. I would like to remind everyone that they have a right to SAFE WORK, and an obligation to themselves to work safely when that safe work is not available. What we are now seeing is a lot of work being done on what the accidents are but the reasons for the accidents, near misses, etc., are not clearly being identified in many cases. It is easy to say and accident happened because someone was rushing, but the questions need to be asked as to why that person was rushing. The employer seems to be committed to providing a safer workplace, given the amount of information and floor talks being given, but until we can get the employer and their management team to realize that SAFE WORK comes at a cost we need to make sure we are looking after ourselves. Please do not allow fear of corporate punishment or increased workload the following day make you risk your safety. Before you take a chance and risk yourself and possibly impact the rest of your life, please think twice. If you are struggling with making a safe choice and having a supervisor be unreasonable about it, please contact a shop steward for help.
  1. Attached is an email I sent out to all EMPP Shop Stewards and Activists regarding the trading of duties.

In Respect and Solidarity,



From:Nancy Dodsworth
Sent:January-28-19 9:32 AM

Hi All,

I have been getting reports that CPC is telling workers that trades will no longer be done. Shift 3 Parcels seems to be the only shift and section that is actively telling workers that ability to trade duties has stopped and they are telling workers that “the union” agreed.

This has not been consulted on or agreed to by anyone in this local. In August JB(Jhanda Bal – Acting Director for Edmonton) and Ryan (Ryan Mior – CPC Human Resources Business Partner) sent Rashpal (Rashpal Sehmby – CUPW Edmonton Local Health and Safety Officer) and I an email telling us that they were going to notify all workers that as of mid-September all trades would stop. Rashpal and I discussed this with them during our September Labour/Management meetings and told them stopping trades was not a good idea and listed many reasons why. I have lately followed up with further emails on the issue of them stopping trades and again listed the issues with stopping them.

In our latest Labour/Management meeting, January 22nd, Rashpal and I again raised the subject of trades and were told that they had a plan for dealing with them. I have requested a consult on their “plan” for trades as I believe that if they are changing the past practice of work and rotation of duties for us then it should be fully discussed with representatives that would be impacted by the change.

If cpc decides to go ahead with their policy that will impact the way trades are done, or if they stop them all together, please let me know so that I can again address the issue with them, I also encourage you to use your right to complain under article 9.07 and file a grievance.

As I have stated to cpc time and again, it is the position of this office that trades should be allowed. Any issues that seem to arise with trading of duties seem to be due to the mismanagement of these trades, not with the workers that make the trades to self-accommodate for many personal reasons.

Please share this info with your co-workers.