Education Seminar

5-Day Fall Prairie/Pacific Education Seminar
DATE: September 23 to 28, 2018

Unionism on Turtle Island:
Lakeview Resort & Conference Centre Gimli, MB

The Turtle Island course gives an overview of the history of the indigenous people of Turtle Island (North America) as told by Aboriginal workers, who also facilitate it.
Participants will begin the process of understanding the shared struggles of Aboriginal People and Unions. They will deepen their understanding of the general concepts of partnerships and representative workforce. Providing factual information will dispel the current myths and misconceptions that surround Aboriginal People. In a positive environment, participants will examine the barriers to diversity in the workplace. By exploring their personal attitudes towards and inclusive work environment they will build their capacity to become instruments of changes. For solidarity to occur, organized labour and Aboriginal People must work together for both to achieve their goals.

Advanced Shop Steward:

This course is designed to help existing Shop Stewards with their skills in grievances, meeting with the employer, quality of work life, dealing with difficult members, dealing with power, meeting new hires and leading the membership on the work floor. It will provide leadership opportunities; develop the communication and shop floor organizing skills.
The 5-day course will help participants increase their confidence to represent members and communicate Union policies and programs. This course is recommended for Local and shop floor leaders who have some experience already and want to develop stronger communication and advocacy skills.
Consideration for attendance will be limited to those who have completed the Basic Shop Steward course as this would be the next step to take to further your skills both on the shop floor and in the community.

General information:

Interested members should be aware that all sessions of the course are mandatory. Please instruct participants to inform the REOO about any medical conditions that must be considered and ask participants to refrain from wearing fragrances during the sessions to protect those with fragrance sensitivities. Participants are expected to share accommodations, any change must be authorized by the Regional Office prior to arriving at the educational.

All Applications must be submitted to the Local Office by Friday, August 3rd, 2018 – No Exceptions

This education program falls under Article 11.06 of the National Constitution and expenses for delegates are paid under Article 7.42, which include meals, transportation and accommodation. Reimbursement for childcare expenses is available. The Union encourages all members to access this right of membership and learn how to make your own working life and that of your co-workers better.

For more information contact your Local Education Officer or Local Union Office.

The Struggle Continues,
Todd Jarema
Regional Education & Organization Officer, Prairie Region 407 – 275 Broadway
Winnipeg, MB R3C 4M6

Application form

Resolution Workshop

Canadian Union of Postal Workers – Edmonton Local
18121 – 107 Avenue Edmonton Alberta T5S 1K4
Ph: 780-423-9000 Fax: 780-423-2883

Attention All CUPW Local 730 Members!!!

Resolution Workshop #2

3:00pm – 4:30pm

Sunday, July 8th


The Local Union Office

(18121 – 107 Ave, Edmonton)

Our National Convention is scheduled for May of 2019. National Convention is the time that we come together as a Union to make changes and improvements on how our Union operates at all levels, Nationally, Regionally and Locally.

Before we get to that stage, however, youhave the opportunity to have your say. Resolutions are drafted at local levels by all members of the local that wish to participate. If you have an idea or a thought about something you would like to see our Union doing, or not doing, please join us, all members are welcome. There will be an info session on how to write a resolution at that start of the workshop. All resolutions that are drafted and ready to present will be voted on at the July 8thGeneral Membership Meeting, time permitting.

If you are from one of our affiliate offices and cannot make it into our office please send in your resolution or an idea that you would like to have brought forward and the reasons why. Please contact Nancy for more information, 1-877-423-2879 ext.1, email: or by mail. Please do include your contact information with your submission.

Looking forward to hearing and seeing how we can help our Union grow!

In respect and solidarity,


The Struggle Continues – La Lutte Continue

Education Committee Meeting

Saturday July 7, 2018

@ 9:30 A.M.

Meeting will be held at the Union Office, 18121 – 107 Ave.

Agenda for meeting

  • Selection for the 1 Day Pension course
  • Planning for courses for August, September
  • Readjustment of Courses after 2018-19 budget approval.

    Ajay Sharma

    Education Officer

    CUPW Edmonton Local 730